Flirting Tips – What Would You Do In This Situation?

By Matt Daniels

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What would you do? Would you use a Groupon and potentially risk turning your date “sour”?
Ladies, how would you feel if your date used a coupon on your special night out? Scroll down to see what the Dating Experts have to say about it. It will surprise you and what they will reveal – you will never forget. Take Notes!

GENTLEMEN: Don’t Risk Being “Friend Zoned”
Get All Of Your Dates… “Clinched”
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LADIES: Learn How To Master The Art of
Attracting Any Man You Desire
The Video Below Will Show You Exactly How: how to get a boyfriend
Both of the videos above are game changers.
Take action on what you’ve learned from them.
You will thank me later!



Short On $*CASH*$? Need To Find Ways To Pay For Your Expensive Dates? going dutch 1


Attract Any Man or Woman You Want…

By Matt Daniels

Have you ever asked yourself – “Why am I not attracting and keeping my date interested?

It’s all about psychology. This isn’t to say dating is all about mind games but it is about emotion and the sooner you can identify patterns, the sooner any relationship can blossom and accelerate at full speed.

For the Men, did you know confidence can carry your relationship through ANY hurdle? (Ladies, we’ll get to you in just a minute) Using Joshs’ #1 technique, he teaches men how to instill confidence to allow any man to go after any woman he desires.  Honestly, it wasn’t until I read the “7 Scientific Tricks of a Woman’s Mind” that I began to understand how they operate and what they are a looking for in a man. Sounds sleazy that I bought and read a book but knowledge is power and it has changed my life 100% for the better. See, growing up no one ever teaches you swag — but this book lays it all out. It was because of Tao that suddenly on my first date, Allyson (now my wife) was intrigued by everything I we talked about over dinner (which led to a second date, a relationship and eventually a beautiful marriage). Listen, I swear I had no game prior whatsoever. I credit my marriage and past dating successes in the video below. I would have never gotten the opportunity to get to know her better if I hadn’t honed her interest and put the ball in my court. So if you’re thinking:

- Not sure where to take your date?
– Do you hands get sweaty and do you stutter?
– Don’t know how to break the ice? And get her talking?
– Want to know the best conversation starters to open her up?
– Interested in reading her body language and comfort toward you?
– Do you want to be desired by any woman you meet?

Once you understand the fundamentals of all of the above – dating will become a walk in the park.
Find Out How. Click Here To Watch This Video…You’ll See What I Mean…

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Top Four Things Men Do Wrong On The First Date -
1.   Talk about themselves. Let’s face it. We’re awesome but don’t be too quick to let her know. We all know women want to be heard and this applies to dating too. Don’t hog up the conversation too much. I know its hard, but listen (and listen carefully – she is giving you clues) and you will be handsomely rewarded.

2.   Leave her hanging. Ask questions! Women are looking for interest and by asking questions about her life and upbringing (keep in mind some of it could be painful) – this allows her to break free of her shell and will help you get to know her easier.
3.   Be stern. Don’t be too serious. Smile! Everyone loves a warm smile. Not only does this welcome trust, but it helps her vibe for you will multiply with simple one flash of pearly whites.
4.   Be cheap. Yes, we know dating can become expensive but if you want to impress her, then don’t go dutch. As much as some women insists on paying for dinner, its a lie. She secretly wants you to pay the bill. No woman wants a cheap man and believe it or not, it can be a deal breaker. You aren’t Mr. Moneybags but you still have to impress her at first go. She can pay on the second date!

Contrary to popular believe, women aren’t complicated. Once you understand what they are looking for and master how to approach them, you will become a better communicator. Use our dating tips for men and you can and WILL thank us later. Instead of wondering if your dates are “in to you”, you’ll have your pick at which woman you like the most.